What is Depression?

Apr 14, 2017 Depression

What is Depression?

Depression is more than just a simple bout of sadness. It is not something that most people can simply “get over” quickly. Many people have experienced a period of depression n their lifetime. One may be victim to depression for weeks, months, or years at a time. When left untreated, depression can disrupt daily life, relationships, and even a career. As stated before, depression is not simply sadness, but it goes much further than that.

Depression can include helplessness, hopelessness, body aches, suicidal thoughts, and withdrawal from daily activities especially social events. If anyone has been around someone with depression, he or she probably notices that the afflicted is not the same person they may have been before. Depression also causes other symptoms such as frequent bouts of crying and sleeping. These are signs that someone is depressed and could use help overcoming this terrible suffering.

Many people with depression do not seek help because they may not know where to go. Other times, sufferers do not feel the motivation to seek out help—and still more do not feel that they deserve to feel better. However these types of feelings stem back to this ailment and what it can do to one’s psyche. Overcoming these urges to succumb to depression is the only way to claim one’s life.

There is plenty of help available to those with depression. In recent times the social stigma of depression has lifted greatly, and there are more resources such as groups, articles, and treatment programs that are available without medical intervention. However, should someone seek professional help—it can be quite effective. Prescription medications to treat depression have been quite effective in helping the symptoms of depression. Combined with professional counseling and guidance, these medications can help a depressed person overcome their hopeless feelings.